remote interpreter for a remote VM instance with an alternating host address


When setting a SSH Interpreter, I'm specifying my host address.

Than, all my project is being upload via SSH to my VM, which takes a lot of time.

The problem is that my host address changes every time I it back turn on (AWS instance), and the remote interpreter is than out of date.

I'll need to set it again, and upload all the project yet again.


Is that really the procedure? I'm I doing it wrong?

Or there is a work around for it?




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If your project files are not removed from the remote machine and it's only the address that changes, then you could change the mappings for your interpreter and the host address for deployment configuration.

Have you tried that?

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Hi Sergey,

I did try it, but unfortunately, it doesn't work,

 When updating the host address in the Deployment, it doesn't update the interpreter.

 I don't see any other way except creating a new interpreter...

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and the interpreter update is also quite time-consuming...


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Have you also checked that your interpreter uses correct deployment configuration?

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I dont know how to get to this window.

However, I think its the deployment configuration itself that changes...

I need to keep changing the Host address as it changes every time I turn the AWS VM back on.

and so the interpreter is getting out of date as it defined by the address

Then I need to add a new one...

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To get to that window click cogwheel --> Show All... --> Select your remote interpreter and click Edit

Note: If you see the old host address in the name of your interpreter it doesn't mean that it uses this address.


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