failed to load JVM DLL\bin\server\jvm.dll


Namaste all

I have installed pycharm on windows,  when i installed it, it worked fine, i was able to write helloworld programme and executed

Then i am  getting the following error and unable to open pycharm ide

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Is your Windows version 64bit or 32bit? What launcher do you use to run PyCharm - pycharm.exe or pycharm64.exe?

If 64bit, download Windows 64bit JDK Windows x64 from and set JAVA_HOME to the folder where you have installed the JDK.

Or make sure to download the distribution with the bundled (64bit) JDK from

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HI Sergerv

My windows version is 64 bit.

I am unable to know the kind of pycharm launcher when I see the properties of my " pycharm-community-2018.3.4 "  file ,

it shows 


seems like I have checked 32 bit while installing the launcher.

so now I have already installed 32 bit , how should I uninstall the settings which are earlier completely and install the 64 bit version.


if I just uninstall the existing one, and check the 64 bit launcher  while installing now will fix everything?

could you please explain me in detail


Thanks in advance




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I believe the easiest way is to uninstall the current installation of PyCharm and then reinstall it from the link I provided above.

Make sure to check Download and install JRE... option during installation.


Toolbox App maybe helpful in managing your JetBrains IDEs

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Buen día a todos pero si mi version es de 32 Bits que me recomendarían para no tener ese problema.

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My windows version is 32bit and I get the same error message after installing and opening for the first time.

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PyCharm 2019.* is running under JDK 11 which doesn’t support 32-bit

Unfortunately, there is no way to run PyCharm 2019.* on 32-bit OS.


You can download the 2018.3 version from or with help of Toolbox App. It supports 32-bit OS.


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