PyCharm uses 100% of 4 cores when run my application on its built-in terminal


I'm using PyCharm 2018.3, on my Ubuntu 18.04.02 with a snap install, everything is good, all plugins up to date, from PyCharm and Ubuntu.

When I run my application on the Ubuntu terminal, there is no lack or exorbitant use of CPU, but as I want to use the fewer number of windows possible on my machine (I'm trying to use the PyCharm built-in terminal) each time I run the same application on PyCharm terminal it goes on 100% CPU usage (sometimes on one of the CPU cores more than 100% I don't even know how this is possible), like for at least the first 10 minutes, then decrease a little for one or 2 of the CPU cores (becomes between 70% and 95% for 1 or 2 cores of the 4 cores available).

I did some searches on the internet hoping to find that's the new version causing this, but no buddy is talking about this issue.

Help, please.




PyCharm's terminal should not cause any overhead in terms of CPU usage (aside from the normal CPU usage my the IDE).

Do you get CPU spikes when running the code using the run configuration (not in the terminal)?

Can you provide a code example that you run when the issue is reproduced?



Actually, I don't have a run configuration as it's a GCP application run with the GCP script (must run via a terminal) and the application is an instance of Polymer front and a Webapp2 python back microservice.

And I asked the question here because running the application using Ubuntu terminal won't cause CPU spikes. If you want logs of running this, please send me the link to the how to procedure.





Please create CPU snapshot according to the following article:

Also, gather IDE logs according to (immediately after reproducing the issue).

Please zip/tar all files, upload them to our FTP at , and let me know the file name.


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