Which command does PyCharm use to create a virtualenv?


I was wondering which command PyCharm uses to create a virtualenv? The reason I'm asking is that "normal" virtualenvs created with `virtualenv venv` do not work with `matplotlib` on macOS (this is documented here: https://matplotlib.org/faq/virtualenv_faq.html). However, if I create a virtualenv with PyCharm, `matplotlib` works just fine! Therefore, I'd really like to know which command PyCharm uses to get this working.

I've also asked this question on StackOverflow, feel free to post an answer there: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/54998038/how-does-pycharm-create-a-virtualenv-that-works-with-matplotlib-on-macos


Hi, see https://matplotlib.org/faq/osx_framework.html

The solution is to not use virtualenv, but instead the stdlib's venv, which provides similar functionality but without exhibiting this issue.

It is a bug with virtual environment created with virtualenv command. PyCharm uses venv command as recommended in docs above.

If you create virtual environment in terminal using venv command, it should work without issues.


Thanks a lot for the quick response!


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