PyCharm 2018.3 Terminal Keybinding Switches to First Tab


In prior versions of PyCharm (at least in 2018.1.4 and before), if I had multiple tabs open in the terminal and used a keybinding to switch from the editor to the terminal, it would focus on the terminal tab I was most recently in. (i.e. if I had 3 tabs and was working in tab 2, switched to the editor and then switched back to the terminal, it would just focus back into tab 2.) Since updating to PyCharm 2018.3, whenever I use the keybinding to switch back to the terminal, it automatically switches to the first tab.

Slightly related, but a different issue, it seems I can no longer re-order terminal tabs by dragging them. Is there a fix for either of these?


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The problem with tabs reordering is known, please vote for it and follow for updates.

Can't reproduce your problem with switching between terminal and editor though. How do you switch between them?


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