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Hi Guys, I'm trying to connect to a local Sphinx Search instance using their mySQL support, but PHPStorm connects, but any SQL query fails with an error: only 0 and 1 could be used as boolean values near '502'

This doesn't match anything in the query (SELECT * from rt_index_name where id = 78700;), so I'm guessing PHPStorm is running a query running in the background.

Has anyone got it to work with the standard mySQL driver or even with another driver?

I know I've used PHPStorm here, but AFAIK, the database element of the app is standard in the IDE?





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There is no Sphinx support in the Database subsystem of our products at the moment. Using JDBC drivers may not work correctly. 

Related: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/DBE-2598#focus=streamItem-27-2260725.0-0.


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