PyCharm for Anaconda Interpreters List is Empty


Just installed PyCharm for Anaconda. I cannot assign the IPython interpreter because the interpreter list remains empty in PyCharm no matter what I do. Tried the online documentation and it makes no sense as it does not coincide with the current PyCharm version.

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What do you mean by "IPython interpreter"?
What exactly doesn't match with

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IPython is shipped with Ananconda.


All of the online instruction steps no longer coincide with what is in the product. I am using Windows. I don't know what is being shown in the online documentation, but it isn't what is in the product. None of it matches.

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Would be great to see some screenshots.

The only difference between Pycharm Professional and PyCharm for Anaconda is that during project creation it by default suggests to use conda environment and that it allows to install Miniconda from the inside of PyCharm. 
Interpreter configuration is the same as described in the documentation I linked.


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