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Hey there, I couldn't find relevant settings so I'm interested if this is something within my control in the preferences or environment, or it needs to be changed at an application level, the ipython output currently looks like this:


In[2]: x=1
In[3]: y=2
In[4]: x
Out[4]: 1
In[5]: y
Out[5]: 2


In [2]: x=1

In [3]: y=2

In [4]: x
Out[4]: 1

In [5]: y
Out[5]: 2


It's a relatively simple change to improve the readability to align on the `[` and also have an empty line after each In/Out block, which is how the ipython looks when it runs in my bash terminal. Is this something I can control, or would it be a feature request?

Thanks for your help!


(Python 3.7.3 using IPython 7.4.0 in PyCharm2019.1 on OSX 10.14.3)

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There is no such setting in PyCharm to change that. I filed a usability problem to our issue tracker, please upvote and follow for updates.


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