PyCharm 2019 - column selection in the editor



column selection used to behave like in e.g. Win Notepad++: depress ALT, drag a left mouse pressed and select a rectangular region instead of whole lines of text.
For some weird reason, this seems to be removed in 2019? That is an unintentional mistake, right? I found a shortcut that switches to the column selection permanently, AltShINSERT, but that's so silly... when this ALT depressed worked so nicely...

Pretty please, could You guys return this original behaviour back? Again, depress ALT, depress Lmouse, drag a mouse, release mouse, release ALT >>> column of a text selected.

Thanks in advance,



Hi Stepan,

It looks like a bug. I filed an issue about it, please upvote and follow for updates.


OK, according to JetBrains support, default shortcut has been changed to ALT+SH+drag instead of original ALT+drag.
Also - Settings | Editor Actions | Create Rectangular Selection on Mouse Drag


what was the need for changing the shortcut? It is very frustrating when some old shortcuts don't work on newer version


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