Unable to open files on PyCharm after update to 2019.1.1


I'm running Ubuntu 18.04 and have updated my PyCharm version from 2018.3.5 to 2019.1.1.

After the update, projects open fine (although indexing seems to take a bit), but I cannot open any files. Also, creating files immediately brings a message saying that the files already exists, though it is created. The Python interpreter also seems to not work, with just a blank screen.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour before? Do I need to reinstall PyCharm? Thanks

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What I ended up doing was deleting all of my PyCharm install files and just snap install-ing it back again and it now seems to be working.

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Hi Daniel,

It's not possible to say what caused it post-factum, but most likely it was caused by some custom plugin or corrupted file(s).


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