Any way to make pycharm give an audio notification in case of failure of a program execution


Given that pycharm has got so many features to help make developers lives easier, I wonder if there is any way to get an audio notification in case of any Python script execution within the pycharm development environment.

The use case is the following situation that I'm facing: I have to debug long-running programs provided by a third party which are failing because of a variety of exceptions and sometimes, due to premature exits caused when the program detects unexpected situations.

While the program is running, I have to check every few minutes to see if the program has exited. I always have a Python script which will call this program and then give an audio notification if the exit code is not 0.

However, that will mean that I will always have to change the script if I'm running different programs. I'm wondering if this can be a feature inbuilt within pycharm itself or if there is any way that I can use the currently available features of pycharm to implement this


Thank you for any inputs


Hi John,

There is no such feature at the moment. Please vote for the corresponding feature request and follow it for updates


I am having my code send me a slack message when model building is done. That might be a workaround for you.


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