Retain focus on console when plotting in SciView


Hi there,

In 2019.1 Professional, when I'm working in the ipython console and the image is updated in SciView it steals the cursor focus. This is quite a flow killer, especially if I'm using matplotlib in interactive mode and making many small changes to a plot. I need to keep reselecting the console after every update, or jump back to the editor window if I'm executing blocks from there.

Is there a setting I'm missing to keep the focus on whichever tool I'm using to generate plots?

I noticed that if SciView is on the "Data" tab when I render a plot, it switches to the "Plots" tab but retains the focus on the console. I'd like that behaviour all the time please :)


Thanks for your help!

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I found the corresponding usability problem issue in our tracker, please upvote and follow for updates.


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