font weight is inconsistent and keeps changing in PyCharm



I upgraded PyCharm from 2018.3 to latest 2019.1 and 2019.1.1. The first impression is the font weight:

  • font becomes thiner that regular
  • font weight is somewhere regular and somewhere thin, see attached screenshot
  • font weight changes when I click on some line or switch from other windows

My OS is macOS 10.13.6.


I have the same issue exactly as described by vvoody. It started with PyCharm 2019.1 and it still continues now on 2019.1.1. My OS is macOS 10.14.2.


Goland 2019.1 doesn't have the issue.


I have a problem with fonts in PyCharm 2019.1.1 (Professional Edition) on Ubuntu (snap version) too - it started today for me, after an update. The fonts are considerably thinner and less readable. It is a nightmare to use PyCharm right now :( The font displayed in the editor resembles the default Ubuntu font.


I have the same problem too

The issue happen after upgrade PyCharm from 2018.x -> 2019.1.1

OS: Mac OS 10.14.4

(The issue seems not OS problem, Mojave blurry fonts issue)

Please provide any solution or workaround, it is very annoying, bad user experience


Hi all,

I am sincerely sorry for such inconvenience. The problem is known, please upvote and follow for updates.

Try described in this issue workarounds.


Thanks Sergey. I tried following workaround works, font doesn't change anymore. However, the font style keeps thin, I prefer the regular one.

defaults write -g CGFontRenderingFontSmoothingDisabled -bool Yes

By switching to Java 8 runtime, font looks as usual.

Goland 2019.1 also uses Java 8, so it doesn't have the issue.



have the same problem

font thickness is changes unpredictable
my version:


@Mitrofanovegor, downgrade to Java 8 works.


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