Problems with multiple projects open in the same window


1. Naming: "multiple projects open in the window" is too long. How about multi-project or attached projects?

2. Can't remove attached projects. 

3. Can't use terminal with a specific project (which has a different virtualenv)

4. This isn't really a ready feature, is it?... How about moving the "attach project" option in the open project to beta until the feature is complete?


Sorry about the rant.

If someone has a solution for any of the question, I would appreciate. Thanks

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You can remove attach project by right clicking it and choosing Remove from Project View

>Can't use terminal with a specific project (which has a different virtualenv)

That's true. Please feel free to submit a feature request about it to our issue tracker using the link


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Thanks @Sergey Karpov!

And can I attach a project to another? I find this in the documentation "The Attach Project option appears in the File menu."

( However I can't find it. I'm using Pycham Community Edition 2019.1.


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Sure. Once you choose File | Open and open needed project PyCharm will show you several options, like so:

Don't you really have it?

Note: Currently, there is a known bug with attaching a newly created project

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Oh! Yes I see it, thanks!

Was looking on the "File" menu.


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