Pycharm don't update the code when i edit it



  • I am updating my code in pycharm and run it in the browser. After that i search in F12 and the code i just wrote isn't there.

  1. I am writing an simple line, like "console.log('test');" for make sure the pycharm get back to work. Also: doesn't print anyting in the console when i run it.
  2. I already tried Reload the page, restart the project, restart Pycharm and make all this things again in other orders.
  3. HTML codes are updating, i tried create an <span> tag with TEST in text, and work it. 

And also this was working yesterday, with this same code.


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Have you tried to start the server from the command line to see if it has the same problem?

PyCharm does not reload server: it is done by Django itself.

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I solved the problem, i had a script duplicated(code not file).
 Thank you for the message! and i'm sorry for the lost time on me.


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