In debugging mode, source code doesn't update with the debugging point


My Pycharm's debugger has been working fine. But today it suddenly got a problem. When I started the debugging in one file and traced the execution logic into another source file, the current source file doesn't show up, namely the UI view stays in the original file. This caused a big trouble, because the execution code doesn't sync with the  actual file that is currently in the focus.

I restarted the PyCharm and tried again, but it doesn't work either.

What might cause this?



Hi Lingvisa,

Honestly, I do not recall similar problems reported.
Please upload your renamed idea.log from Help | Show Log in... to and let me know the name of the file.

Is it file/code-specific or happens randomly?


Hi, Sergey:


The problem was that, even in the same file when I executed the debugging logic, the focus pointer doesn't sync with the current execution logic. I don't know where the focus is at each step. Here I can only upload photo, not file. Right?


>Here I can only upload photo, not file. Right?

You should be able to upload the log, not only pictures. Please try uploading it as zip archive if it won't let you upload the idea.log file.


If by "Here" you mean this forum post, then yes, you cannot upload your logs here.


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