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Hey All,

How are you?

I don't know why but my pycharm tends to crash. It happens when I use image data and I thought it relates to matplotlib package but it happens also when I'm not using it.    I'm using windows 10 with Pycharm 2018.3.2X64 .

also there is a problem when you try to present high dimensional data from the variable's scope - the IDE hangs or crashes especially with data frames and numpy arrays

Please see the attached error message.


Aviv Shamsian

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Hi Aviv,

I'm sorry to hear that you face this issue.

Could you please report it to our issue tracker and attach your logs folder zipped from Help | Compress Logs and Show in...?

As about multi-dimensional data, there are relevant fixes in 2019.1.3
You can try RC build by downloading from or with help of Toolbox App.

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why I try to enter the link I'm facing 404 HTTP error.

I also thought the problem I face is a common one. isn't it?


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BTW, if we already speak I want to update my 2018.3 pycharm to 2013.1.3. In order to do so I have to uninstall the older version and then install the new one? 

I tried to check for updates inside the software itself but it didn't find the 2019 version.

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It should find the 2019.1 in fact, do you use a toolbox app or a standalone PyCharm? Meanwhile, there is no patch between 2018.3 and 2019.1 so you have to download anyway.


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