Gaining access to Athena with an IAM role instead of an IAM user




I need to connect to an AWS Athena data-source via DataGrip.

The documentation instructs to configure an IAM user on Athena (new user or existing), whose credentials will be used for the JDBC or ODBC connection between DataGrip and Athena.

Due to security concerns, I have been asked by relevant stakeholders in my company to avoid configuring a user with the above permissions.

My question is - can I use an IAM role instead of and IAM user?



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@Einar Benari

I looked through Athena JDBC driver documentation and find out that there is no way to work with IAM role.

Possible URL formats:

  • jdbc:awsathena://AwsRegion=[Region];User=[AccessKey];Password=[SecretKey];S3OutputLocation=[Output];[Property1]=[Value1];[Property2]=[Value2];...

  • jdbc:awsathena://athena.[Region];User=[AccessKey];Password=[SecretKey];S3OutputLocation=[Output];[Property1]=[Value1];[Property2]=[Value2];...


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