PyCharm not recognizing custom template tag for section


Dug around the forum and can't find a similar issue other than some rather out of date references to a similar but different issue.


I have a set of custom template tags

one of them is used for a section of template vs a single entry


the screenshot below it is `{% highlight_here %}` to `{% endhighlight %}`


the `highlight_here` tag is recognized and mapped correctly


but it sees the `endhighlight` tag as an anomaly and shows everything around it as broken 

anyone have a work around or should I document this a bit better and submit an issue?



the red highlights are saying a closing tag cannot be found -- if I remove the section with the `highlight` tags everything registers happily

django works with this tag

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Hi Alvin,

Have you looked into this thread

If everything seems to be fine, file an issue to and attach a sample project for reproducing.

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Yeah I saw that one, this is different cause PyCharm recognize the highlight tag, it just fails to recognize that there's a closing part to it


I'll make a note to get a sample project together and file an issue


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