DataGrip and SSH Tunnels with JumpHost, specified in openssh config

I am not able to connect with OpenSSH config which contains a jump host configuration.

Datagrip detects some settings (e.g. port) and therefore even wildcards are resolved correctly.

Please have a look at to undestand the working jump host configuration.

The connection always fails with something like:

Connection to @ipaddress failed: SSH: connection is closed by foreign host.
SSH: connection is closed by foreign host

ssh config file contains:

Host *
Port 3022
User vagrant
ForwardAgent yes
IdentityFile ~/.tsh/keys/
ProxyCommand ssh -i ~/.tsh/keys/ -p 3023 %r@ -s proxy:%h:%p



i am able to connect through shell, without passphrase or anything else by just invoking (no ssh-agent ):


I would expect the same would be possible through datagrip.

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@Robert Rettig,

I created an issue based on your descritption.

It would be great if you attach full IDE logs to YouTrack ticket.


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