Python console not stopping correctly, stuck

Hi all,

whenever I stop a process in the PyCharm python console, the console prints exit code 0, but is not responsive afterwards. Any process I execute in the console afterwards won't start. I have to rerun the console to use it again.

I am running PyCharm 2019.1.2 on MacOS X.


I'd really appreciate your help!

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If you stop the process with the red button, the python process will be stopped, and therefore the console.

If you interrupt your code execution (for example with KeyboardInterrupt, Ctrl+C), the process keeps running and you don't have to rerun the console.

Does this answer your question?

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So I may just be a little slow, but I was having this same issue on Windows nevertheless, and the comment by Andrey clued me in. I had been trying Ctrl+C before, but you have to make sure that you actually have a blinking cursor in the console window below the code that is running, I had just clicked into the console and was trying Ctrl+C which wasn't working. You gotta have that blinking cursor!


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