Debugging performance issues with a plugin when opening the context menu



I have noticed that opening the context menu (time from pressing the right mouse button to it being displayed) is slow in some contexts for my plugin. That is, it is only noticeable on certain identifiers in the language files my plugin supports.

Is there a way I can profile this to see where the performance issues are? I have tried the profiling support with the new IntelliJ EAP, but I cannot currently get it to work with the runIde gradle task of the gradle-intellij-plugin. Is it possible to use the "Profile with" action in this case, like I can get it to work with the JUnit tests?

What is the context menu action doing? That may help me track down the performance issues.

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Thanks for the links.

In the performance issue reporter scripts is there a way to open the context menu (e.g. by simulating a right mouse button press, or a key combination, like the %[ENTER] command)? I don't see any listed in the available commands section of the article.


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