weird behaviour of numpad when using pycharm via remote desktop



im connecting from my windows 10 to ubuntu 16.04 via remote desktop.

when im typing the num keys from the numpad, some of them respond incorrectly, like someone configured them to be a hotkey:

when numlock is on:

0 - deletes the whole line

. - copies it back

1 or 3 - shift+end

7 or 9 - shift+home 

the rest of the numbers respond correctly.


when numlock is off:

2,4,6,8 do nothing

0,.,1,3,7,9 function as expected (home,end,etc.)


when outside of pycharm (eg terminal, gedit, etc) everything responds as expected.

also, when connecting through ssh (eg. mobaXterm) this problem do not occur.


any ideas as for how to solve this issue?



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It seems to be similar to, though there is a bit different behavior.
Could you please comment on the issue and attach your idea.log file from Help | Show Log in...?
Please also specify your desktop environment in the comments.


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