DataGrip is creating index instead of foreign key


Hello. I have a problem. DataGrip creates index instead of foreign key. When I type:

alter table UrzWkl
add constraint UrzWkl_Urzadzenie_ID_Urzadzenia_fk
foreign key (ID_Urzadzenia) references Urzadzenie (ID_Urzadzenia);

 then the program creates the index. The index itself has the following code.

-- auto-generated definition
create index UrzWkl_Urzadzenie_ID_Urzadzenia_fk
on UrzWkl (ID_Urzadzenia);

I have no idea what i'm doing wrong. Thank you in advance for your help.

Here is video description of my problem:

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Could you specify DataGrip version, MySQL server version you are on, engine and DDL for tables?

When I was trying to reproduce the issue I got:

12:18 alter table table_name
add constraint table_name_table_name_2_for_foreign_key_fk
foreign key (column_1) references table_name_2 (for_foreign_key)

12:18 [HY000][150] Create table 'guest/#sql-1_7' with foreign key constraint failed. There is no index in the referenced table where the referenced columns appear as the first columns.


That led me to the stack overflow discussion.

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Any news here?



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