Invalidate cache not fixing my issue

I have vue support in my phpstorm.


I created file `main,vue` by mistake. It asked me what type of file is that and I just clicked OK with first value (I think it was txt) because I wanted to delete it and then create `main.vue`. So I did but there is no .vue support. I tried invalidate and restart option but it doesn't help.

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I found other topic, someone said there to delete it from registered patterns in settings -> file types but I didn't have this file in this list even... I had to add it and then delete it.... Come on jetbrains it was way too hard to change

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Typically it should be there, as described in

> I had to add it and then delete it

This part sounds strange, never heard someone having to do this.

Are you able to reproduce the problem & resolve it this way? If you do - please record a screencast or capture several screenshots of it.


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