Error running "": While creating remote tunnel for SshjSshConnection


I'm running a project from PyCharm with a remote interpreter. I connect to this server by ssh and sometimes I get this error:

16:55 Error running '': While creating remote tunnel for SshjSshConnection(<crc32=zb65bg>@<crc32=1ljowo7>)@18ad558d: localhost:63342 <== localhost:63342

If I run the same script with the Python Console mode it works, but not in with debug mode

Usually, I make it work if:

  • restart PyCharm
  • reboot my laptop

But not this time...

How can I solve this problem?


Please see:

Delete ~/.pycharm_helpers from remote host, and kill all opened SSH sessions that may still run in the background or reboot the remote host and try again.


hello, have you solved this problem?

when I try to these measures, but It doesn't work.



Could you clarify if you are using the latest PyCharm version?
If so, please file a ticket to and attach your idea.log file from Help | Show Log in... after reproducing the issue.


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