Prevent parallel reload of CMake projects


Hello all

My CMakeLists.txt runs a git command when build files are generated. I have a debug and a release configuration defined in CLion. Now when I change something that triggers a cmake project reload both configurations are triggered at the same time. This sometimes causes odd results for the git command (or one of them randomly failing).

Is there a way to prevent the parallel reload and have them reload one by one?


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Unfortunately, for now it's not possible to disable Cmake profiles.

Feel free to comment or upvote See if you are not familiar with YouTrack.



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Hi I'm having the same problem, the linked issue is not really relevant for this. I don't want to disable profiles, only that the are loaded *one after another*, i.e. not in parallel. Is this possible?

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@Rbarton thanks for the comment! I've created another feature request Feel free to comment or upvote.


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