2019.2 editor behavior change


This concerns the behavior of the editor (in Java) when I hold down the shift and control keys, then press right arrow. For example, I used to be able to place my cursor at the end of line 1 (below)


public void foo( int x )


  return x;


then do SHIFT+CTRL and press RIGHT-ARROW twice. The cursor would move to just BEFORE the opening curly brace selecting the newline. Now, however, it includes both the newline and the opening brace. Similarly, beginning after the opening brace, if I do SHIRT+CTRL and press RIGHT-ARROW twice, it goes to include the word return. For whatever historical reason (probably 30+ years of vi use), this is a very common editing move of mine (I use it to remove the newline and suck the next line up to the current one--this would be the same as using vi's J command) and I'd like to configure the editor to return its behavior to what it has been until IntelliJ IDEA 2019.2.


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