FEATURE REQUEST : Auto-Synch UML Diagram with Underlying Code


Good and happy Monday to all!

I am using IntellijIDE 2018 and I am using the UML Diagram (no offline help available so had to figure out how to use it). 

Grateful that it exists but is there a way of synching the diagram with the classes automatically ?

I know IntellijIDEA just creates a static UML Diagram but it is very clunky and freezes all the time (using Windows 8 and IntelliJIdea 2018).

I am however interested in a dynamically updated class diagram. Say I change the diagram I would like to see it reflected in the code base underneath and if I change the code I would like to see the diagram getting updated. Not very important perhaps but nice to have.

I know rational rose used to have this feature and a friend raved about it but I would like to see it in IntellijIDEA (blueJay a java IDE used by professionals and students also just embraced it).

As for an incremental feature request : I would like to be able to display the package information for class names in the UML diagram which is not visible with the UML diagram. 

Thanks and I hope everyone is having a great day and a great life (if not then may they).




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Request is welcome at https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/IDEA, but it's not something that would be a priority for IntelliJ IDEA as we try to focus on code editing vs. visual tools.


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