Problems with IntelliJ starting up


I recently had to do a hard reset on my machine, whilst IntellIj was working.  After rebooting I am getting the following error message:


Anybody had this and found a way to resolved it ?

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Please see .

Also try "netsh winsock reset" in the command line and reboot.

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Thanks, the issue seemed to resolved itself after a few reboots and being off the network.. I didn't get a chance to try the netsh winsock reset.

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Can't believe this still isn't fixed yet. If you don't feel like rebooting (netsh winsock reset) every time a JetBrains IDE doesn't feel like starting, you can generally fix it by typing "ncpa.cpl" into your start menu search, or the "Run..." dialog box, then right-click each network adapter there one at a time and click "Disable" followed by right-clicking again and clicking "Enable" (obviously don't do this if you're remoting into the machine).


Or here's a nice Powershell one-liner to do it for you to run at an elevated (admin) Powershell prompt:

Get-NetAdapter | Disable-NetAdapter -Confirm:$false -PassThru:$true | Enable-NetAdapter

Why would I necro a nearly year old thread to say this? Because it's now a top result on Google when searching for that magical netsh command that makes JetBrains actually start.

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Phillip Stromberg

It's Windows issue reserving too much common ports, see this ticket for more details and the proper workaround: .

If you can suggest a better solution for cross platform folder locking and IPC that will work everywhere, not trigger antivirus/firewall and handle huge ranges of blocked ports, patch is welcome, this subsystem is open source:


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