Per-project code style 2019


Is this answer about per-project code style still correct as of IntelliJ IDEA 2019.2.2, Build #IU-192.6603.28?

That answer and all the others I've found are very old and don't seem to apply.

Code Style is now in File > Settings > Editor, and I don't see a "Use per project settings" radio button there.


Second-level question:

What I really want is this: My prior employer standardized on tabs instead of spaces, with 3 spaces per tab. I'd like their existing projects to stay that way, but have the ability to create new projects that use spaces not tabs, with 2 spaces per tab.

How can I achieve something like that?

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Code style can be copied to project and it will be specific to this project and can be shared via the version control with the project files per


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