PyCharm Debugging <frame not available> and Won't Step Over


I recently upgraded to PyCharm 2019 and I didn't have this issue until I did upgrade about a month ago. I've created a project and I'm trying to debug it to see where an issue I'm having is occurring and I'm having two really odd issues. The first issue I'm having is when I click the "Step Over" button the code will not step over, it just steps into it and then I end up running through code that I didn't write as it steps into everything the code is doing. The next issue I have occurring is when my code goes to step through the code in a class I've created, it won't show me what line it's executing and the place where I usually find what line just executed simply says <frame not available> and it's making it basically impossible to really know what's happening in the code because I can only see variables updating, but I don't know what line it's executing to update them. I've checked around with other people having this issue, but they always seem to be doing something super complicated and so none of the troubleshooting steps offered in those threads seem to fix my issue. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling both PyCharm and Python. I'm running Python 3.7.4 and the latest version of PyCharm which I believe is 2019.2

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Hello Jess,

Did you find a way to fix your problem?  I'm seeing exactly the same thing after upgrading to Pycharm 2019.2.2.


Jim Arnold

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Hi Jim,
The folder I was keeping my project in contained the character “&” and it caused the issue. Once I removed the “&” from the path of the file the issue magically resolved.

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Thank you for letting us know!
I filed a bug to our tracker about it


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