Error java.sql.SQLException in DataGrip

Hi Support,

I have created a new datasource for Druid in DataGrip using avatica.jar JDBC driver.

Connections and everything is working fine and I am able to query the Druid database as well.

But every time it returns an error "java.sql.SQLException" in the console and at the bottom of the editor, it's annoying.

Something like below, but there's no further detail of this error.

[2019-09-26 14:43:17] 201 rows retrieved starting from 1 in 399 ms (execution: 336 ms, fetching: 63 ms)
[2019-09-26 14:43:17] java.sql.SQLException



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@ Jai Prakash,

It looks like JDBC driver issue.

Could you provide a link for JDBC driver and e-mail me IDE logs?

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I know it's old, but was there any resolution to this?  I am currently using datagrip 2019.3.3 and am getting some extra information show in every non-integer field of my Sqlite3 data.


Glad to help provide any information.



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Could you e-mail me IDE logs for error investigation?


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