Table resolution on DDL data source that extends PostgreSQL


I have a Postgres database and a DDL script which creates some views on top of it. What I'm trying to do is get IDE resolution support for the DDL script + Postgres database combination in my project.

I've tried setting the DDL data source to "Extend" the Postgres database with no luck- the DDL script refuses to resolve any of the database's entities. Similarly, I can't use SQL Resolution Scopes to get the DDL script to resolve properly, if (and only if) the DDL file is configured as a data source. Once it's a data source, it refuses to resolve against the base database, meaning that none of the views it creates have column support. If it's not a data source, it can do that just fine.

I assume this is supposed to be supported because of the "Extends" option, am I doing something wrong?

I am using Ultimate 2019.2.3.

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I can't reproduce the issue with DataGrip 2019.2.5.

You need to set up resolution scope to specified data source

and it works as expected




Could you provide a screencast?


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Nevermind this- it looks like the file I was testing against had some sort of issue that caused the SQL resolution to fail, maybe a per-file resolution scope that bugged out or something. The issue disappeared when I recreated the file.


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