Yugabyte + Docker + Postgres ERROR : System column with id -3

Hello, I have an instance of Postgres running on a Docker machine created by Yugabyte. I'm getting this Error. I know that the message say it's not supported, but I tested others clients, and works normal, why such tool like DataGrip doesn't work?


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Could you email me vasily.chernov@jetbrains.com your IDE logs?

Also, specify your PostgreSQL server version. 

As a temporary workaround you can enable "Introspect using JDBC metadata" for your data source

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Thanks Vasily,

That really helped. 

here is the link of the meu idea log:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Czkw4TaUysiapuP5NnSUp9mkyWbG88nY/view?usp=sharing


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