How to keep keyboard focus when switching tabs


I'm sure this used to work until the latest release (2019.2.6 Mac), but is there a way to keep the keyboard focus on the SQL editor when I cmd-tab between tabs?  I'll have the keyboard cursor in the editor on two tabs, but whenever I switch tabs, the focus goes somewhere else and I have to click back into the editor to start typing again.  I just want to cmd-tab to a new editor, and start typing a query without having to wonder where my cursor is and click back into the window.  Thanks for any ideas.


I'm having the same problem here! When I switch tabs, DataGrip change focus to "Services" panel. The focus should stay in the editor panel! Like you said, this annoying behaviour started with the latest release (2019.2.6). I hope it's a bug and get fixed soon, because this is getting me crazy! 


2019.2.6 windows - same problem. Roll back to 2019.2.5 :(


Could you try to reproduce the issue in DataGrip 2019.3 RC?


The problem seems to have gone away with 2019.3 RC.  Thank you!


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