Avoid reloading large data file / loading variable from console


I have a pickled pandas data frame that I want to plot some rows from. It takes about 1 minute to un-pickle the data frame. When looking at the data, I may plot Row 1, see how it looks, and then re-run and plot Row 3. Instead of having to reload the data frame each time and waiting 1 minute, it would make a lot more sense if I only had to load it once (maybe in a separate module), and simply call on the loaded data frame from my plotting module.

I'm using PyCharm community. Is it possible to pull a variable from another module that has already ran in the console?

I tried the "Use existing console for "Run with Python Console"" setting, and it appears that if I run a (for example) "Load Data to DF" script, then a "Plot Data from DF" script, they do run the same console, so I will see the Data Frame object in the same console, yet when I run the "Plot Data from DF" script, there is an undefined variable error when I try to access the Data Frame variable.

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I believe the following ticket covers the same case https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/PY-38959, feel free to vote and leave comments.


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