Datagrip 2019.3.1 Issues


Hi experts,

The first issue is that I cannot find the dialect option for each file. Usually it's on right-top corner of the editor screen, but now it's nowhere to be found.

The second issues is more serious: Typing is VERY SLOW, to the point of not usable, even for a new project (less than 30 lines of code), typing a column name may stuck for literally half a second. And in the same time intellisense goes away once it starts to stuck. And the fan speeds up wildly. This is immediately noticeable since the new installs of 3.1. I had no issue with 2.6.

May I ask, before I rollback to 2.6, aside from the settings and databases sources, anything else I need to backup?

Thanks in advance~~


I've had performance issues with 2019.3.1 as well, which I've pegged to introspection. After disabling auto sync, things perform a lot better. It seems that they changed from storing the data in RAM before writing to file to using temp files. I think Dell Encryption may be bogging things down on my system as a result.



>> The first issue is that I cannot find the dialect option for each file

You can change dialect via context menu:

Or do you mean something else?


Levelworm, Mark Jackson,

Could you e-mail me examples and zipped IDE log folder? 

We need thread dumps and code samples to investigate the issue. 


How did you disable auto sync? I seem to have the same issues even with very basic queries.


Tarald, see screenshot below. vasily chernov, I submitted logs and trace files to my ticket here: Perhaps giving the user an option to revert back to the previous behavior would be good since the new introspection behavior is clearly creating issues for some people.


Thank you, I did it the easy way and rolled back to 2019.2.5 haven't had any issues since.
I'll check out 2019.3.1 again next week some time.

EDIT: Also mailed logs to Vasily Chernov


Yea, I'm holding out hope that they will offer a fix before reverting back to 2019.2, which isn't a viable long term strategy anyway.


As a temporary workaround stay on 2019.2.6 and await for 2019.3.2 release(it's coming in January).



Could you try to update to DataGrip 2019.3.2?

We fixed some performance issues and I hope yours too.


Haven't experienced any issues yet, I'll update you if i experience it again.


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