Rerun / re-iniatialize pycharm python console


( By using the term "cursor focus" I simply imply the blinking cursor using which we can type from keyboard ! )


I wanted to know if there is any shortcut method to re-run my python code in console again and again without losing the focus altogether ? In simple terms,

Say I wrote a simple program that takes 2 values from user and prints the sum.

Now I will run the program using keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + F10 and the console opens.

Now I press Alt + 4 to transfer my cursor focus into console.

Here I enter the two values and the console prints the sum.

NOW THE PROBLEM : Suppose I want to enter more test cases. I can re-initialize my console using Ctrl + F5. BUT I lose the focus from the console. It's very frustrating as I loose my flow !

The cursor focus leaves the console and I'm not able to put any value until i click with my mouse over the console.

I'm using PyCharm Professional 2019.3

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You are right, that's a usability problem. There is an open ticket about that, feel free to vote and leave comments.


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