Compare a project to a schema

Is it possible to compare a project to a schema?


I have this same question and would like to know the answer. I assume this question is related to a feature in VS where you can select your project's schema files and compare them to a live development or production database to see what differences are there and update the database in place.


Bassicallychris you are correct. I currently use VS with an extension from another company for MySql. I would like to switch to DataGrip, but I have a few requirements and I cannot find the answers in the doc.

1. Does DataGrip have a concept of a project similar to VS?

2. Can the project be under version control?

3. Can a schema compare be done from a project to a database?


Bill Soranno,

1. Could you explain VS project concept?

2. If you mean sql files - yes, if not - follow

3. What do you mean by "project" ? Is it sql files?

Also, read blog post about git + DataGrip


vasily chernov,

1. A Visual Studio project is a set of files that make up the project. It also includes files that the IDE maintains about the project, for example what folder and sub folders are defined in the project. Also, the same concept of a project that PHPStorm and WebStorm have. Here is the Microsoft definition of a project: Here is the definition of a project by jetBrains: 

2. Yes sql files, but other files too.

3. See 1. for definition of a project. It does contain sql files, among others. The compare will do a compare of the files in the project to the objects in the database and report the differences. Then you can choose the differences to push to the database. They could be new objects, or changes to existing objects.


I see,the only thing IDE supports now is bundle with git plugin as mentioned in the article and you can create a project in DataGrip as well (don't forget to enable Welcome screen)


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