How to cancel all proposed statement completions at the cursor


I am in DataGrip and using the vi plugin so my esc key is used by that most of the time for usual vi mode switching. 

Lets say I type (The | indicates where the cursor is):  "select * from contacts c where c|"

I now get a popup of proposed statement competitions. There are a number of issues with the behavior (issue maybe means I dont know what I am doing)

1)  The most popular way I would complete this is by putting a dot after the 'c' and then proposing some list of columns in the contacts table.  Or maybe the proposal would be just 'c.' and then other proposals might be 'cast(',   'cfoo','cbar',...

   Instead, I get a droplist where 'c' is the first item and something else, like maybe 'cfoo' is the next and that 2nd one is selected.  So when I hit '.'  (as if I was typing 'c.whateverColumnName' ), I get 'cfoo' . 

   is there some way to get the behavior I want?  

2)  Since I dont like the proposal cfoo, and I am too lazy to hit the up arrow to choose 'c', I want to cancel all proposal and just choose my next character to type which would be '.' .  But the only way to cancel all proposals is to hit esc, and that pops me out of vi insert mode.  Is there another way to cancel the proposals?


Thanks, Alan



Hello Alan,

Please go to Settings -> Editor -> Code Completion and uncheck 'Show suggestion as you type'.


I like the completions as I type.  I just want to kill all the current suggestions at the cursor and keep typing.  If it gives me another proposal on the next character I type, that is ok. But even better would be a way to tell it to halt suggestions until the next whitespace or something like that.


I think I understand part of the problem.  It seems like ESC cancels proposals at the cursor, which is how eclipse and may other tools do it. But the VI plugin is either interfering at times or I am just getting confused between vi modality and the proposals.  I need to experiment with it some more.  In the face of VI kinda owning the esc key, it would be nice to be able to assign the cancel-proposals-at-the-cursor to another key.


Alan Berezin1,

You can change bindings in Settings -> Keymap.


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