Run pipenv as interpreter in WSL



I would like to configure python interpreter for my project. I can set up WSL environment, but only option in there is python interpreter path. But I would like to use pipenv. There is pipenv environment, but it is not in WSL. Is there a option, how to run pipenv in WSL?



PyCharm doesn't support creating virtual environments inside WSL at the moment, but you can point to the python executable inside the environment.



as it stands, interpreter from wsl is not useful.  really we need virtualenv-pipenv from wsl


I'll second the request for this feature. I like using PyCharm, but WSL and/or Remote development I'm seeing more often with clients makes using PyCharm a lot more difficult. I end up using VS Code more often these days since it is so much easier to set up. That's a HUGE bummer since I miss out on all the JetBrains tools.




Please follow this feature request to be notified about the state of the feature implementation. 


I apologize for the inconvenience.


It does not allow me to choose any python executable (Note the bin folder is empty)

It also doesn't offer a pipenv option when adding an interpreter on WSL (Note I'm using arch linux for wsl)

Please Advise.


Not sure where else to post this, but I'd love to run pipenv through WSL as mentioned above. I decided maybe installing Pycharm as a Linux GUI through WSL might do the trick and it has. But the resolution is all pixelated and not smooth. I pasted an image below.  Gedit is in the background for reference.   Not sure if this image conveys, how bad this is.   Possibly a java.AWT issue? maybe there's a setting I can change?


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