IDEA support for Spring boot angular monorepo


My company is planning on migrating our angular apps to a monorepo approach as is recommended by  

This means our spring boot app is in one git repo and the angular apps are in a separate repo.  

Is there a way in Intellij IDEA to combine these into a single project?  I'd prefer not to have two projects open.

This may be more of a git question.  Can I have a project referencing multiple git repos, 1 per module.


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Yes, IntelliJ IDEA allows to map any directory to any version control, not just the module root, so it's possible to have a single project with multiple modules where every module is in different VCS root, you can even use multiple version controls, not just Git.

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Hey Serge that really good news.  Can you point me to more info on this?  Thanks for the quick response!

Do i just create a project and clone the individual projects to sub-directories?



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