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I am struggling with the package manager of PyCharm: in many projects, after some time, it changes the name of some packages, substituting their first letter with a '-'. You can see an example of this in the image below: I needed to change the distribution of my OpenCV, and instead of 'opencv-contrib-python' package I found this '-pencv-contrib-python', which I cannot in any way modify. When this happens, I neither can update nor uninstall the module, and I need to delete the project and start it anew. Why does this happen? Is there a more practical way to solve it?


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It doesn't look like a PyCharm-related problem.

PyCharm doesn't have its own package manager, it uses pip for virtual environments. PyCharm also isn't doing anything with your environment without your explicit action.

It seems you store your project under OneDrive. I suspect this is one of the possible reasons.


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