How to put the editor appearance back to the previous version?



 With the latest IDEA update the font and general appearance of the editor has changed from the default it was before.

 How can I put it back so it looks like it did before today's update?



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Default fonts used before 2020.1 version depending on the OS:

public final static String FALLBACK_FONT_FAMILY         = "Monospaced";
public final static String MAC_OS_DEFAULT_FONT_FAMILY = "Menlo";
public final static String LINUX_DEFAULT_FONT_FAMILY = "DejaVu Sans Mono";
public final static String WINDOWS_DEFAULT_FONT_FAMILY = "Consolas";

You can change the font at File | Settings (Preferences on macOS) | Editor | Font.

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Yes! What lunatic decided that it would be a good idea to unilaterally f#$k up the look of the interface.  Give me your address; I'll come and rearrange your cupboards and furniture and see how you like it!

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It was quite upsetting to have the font changed when I upgraded IntelliJ. I'm glad you posted what the fonts were set to previously so I could change it back.

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This was a really quite massive change, at least on macOS - it would have been really good if it had been offered as a choice on startup rather than silently switching.

I think there's really something wrong with the new font too, the line spacing in the console window had got a lot bigger so I was seeing far fewer lines of output, and I think something similar happened for the editor window too.

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I don't understand the line spacing change... is that because people are using JetBrains editors on Windows tablets? Why would you do that?


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