Ability to See if a Field is Nullable or Non-nullable


This might be a dumb question, but I don't see an easy way to display whether a field in a table is nullable or non-nullable. I would think this is kind of important information. I dug around the IDE preferences, documentation, and this forum and haven't found anything. 

I attached a link to what I am talking about.



Thanks! That really helps. I was hunting for an actual text label and never really pay attention to the icons.


I was having the same problem:  The underlying meaning of these icons is not self-evident (just from looking at them).  When I come back to my schema next week I may not remember which icon feature represents NULLABLE vs. NOT NULLABLE.  I think we should have a hover tooltip which makes this explicit.


vasily chernov is this some kind of joke?  Add a tooltip or something, so we don't have to play charades.


I filled out the feature request to implement this functionality: 


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