Latest update changed font and styling


No idea how but the latest update has changed the font, which I can't get back for some reason, and the styling was reset. Anybody else experienced the same?

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DataGrip 2020.1 has a new font by default. It is called JetBrains Mono.

Before it was:

- `Menlo` or `Monospaced` on macOS.
- `Courier` or `Consolas` on Windows.
- `DeJavu` on Linux.

Try them if you don't like `JetBrains Mono`.


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Yes, I have also updated but i dont want that, how can i get the last format file font?

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Thanks Maxim, I'll have a look. It's not about not liking the new one. It's just font is something you really get used to and changing it has a big impact on how we perceive our code.

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Try giving yourself a couple of days to get used to it :)

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Thanks for the tip, but please pass this onto your product(or whatever) group:

No developer appreciates having their environment changed WITHOUT ASKING. You want to offer new options, fantastic. You want to add a 1-time popup telling me about my new options, okay. Changing things like that without asking makes me question why I make my company pay for this instead of switching to Eclipse. 


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Lenny, we're sorry that you didn't like the new font, but it is completely impossible to ask about each change. 

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I'm sorry but it is entirely possible to ask about each change to Preferences as they rarely break the functionality of your software. Contravening your users' preference without first asking just seems, well... rude.

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Quite agree. Don't change Preferences without asking. Like suddenly deciding to hide whole toolbars! (I want Settings button and Project Structure buttons ... like, is there anyone who doesn't want these?).


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