Datagrip 2020.1.4 won't start even after re-install



DataGrip 2020.1.4 was using a lot of memory ( > 4GB). After searching the common conclusion was that there must be some plugin that are leaking memory.

I went ahead and disabled some plugins based on the results of the profiler in the help section. I must have disabled the wrong ones, because DataGrip wouldn't start anymore. It asked me to completely re-install, which I did by redownloading it (using OSX), however that didn't solve the problem.

I have lots of open consoles that I don't want to lose, any help to make this start up again would be appreciated.

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Update: I re-installed manually also via Toolbox - also didn't work. 

Then I installed the 2019 version and that one worked. However obviously would love to upgrade to the 2020 version at some point.

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Perengo Ops,

Could you email me Toolbox logs? And full zipped DataGrip logs folder?

For IDE logs read an article about locating IDE logs

To find Toolbox logs:


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