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Now, when I use the export function, I feel not very good.

This picture is the plsql export data, it divides the
insertsql statement into 1 and 2, the keyword is lowercase


But the datagrid has only one row, and the keyword is 
capitalized, which will be very unfriendly.
When there are many data fields, it will be very long.


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You can change that behavior by setting SQL format settings (Preferences -> Editor -> Code Style -> SQL -> PostgreSQL / Case & Queries tabs) and then invoking reformat code action:


Additionally, upvote an issue


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I have reformatted the exported statement according to your settings,but there is no space between each statement。

How to make more space in the middle of each line when I copy the query results and copy to edit panel?Like the second picture

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There is no option to put a new line after `;`.
Follow and up vote an issue

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thank you,I hope datagrip will have this function later。

In the process of using, another function is not very convenie。

like plsql,when the field is very long, it can be displayed in a new line,

but datagrip  without the function of this branch, when the field is very long, it will be difficult to see all the contents of the field

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For this IDE has `Edit maximized` and `View maximized`(available in 2020.2 EAP) features.

Read Cells sections in our help


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