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Typically in other query tools that I have used (SQL Assistant, Studio etc.) I am able to browse different database schemas and the objects (tables, views, view definitions, column types etc.) as soon as I connect to the database.  It seem likes this information gets populated instantaneously even for databases with 1000's of tables.  However, in Datagrip I see queries running for very long times in the background.

I have played around with with different Datagrip settings (select a few schemas, turn off auot-sync) but it seems like it takes forever to refresh and read from the data dictionary.  What am I missing?  Why does it take so long and is the expectation for this information to be static and only refreshed occasionally?  How do we make sure to have up to date information without taxing the system with long running queries?


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Could you e-mail me vasily.chernov@jetbrains.com your zipped SQL and IDE logs? Since I looks like an issue.

Additionally you can share your experience in https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/DBE-2835


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